Millet: An American Super Grain

A Grown-In-America Grain

Golden Prairie, an American family farm

Unlike some other gluten-free grains, all of our crops are grown by American farm families who are supporting their local economies.

  • Our growing group is comprised of small, multi-generational family farms.
  • Our children participate in local farm events like 4-H, FFA, and county and state fairs.
  • Our families are interested in the future of American agriculture.

Golden Prairie’s Mission

  • We do not import any of our millet.
  • We are not a large agribusiness company.
  • We prioritize food safety according to a strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan.

Supporting American Agriculture: Buy Local = Buy American

Emma in one of our organic millet fields

The fossil fuel footprint of buying grains grown in America is very small in comparison to importing grains from overseas. Did you know quinoa primarily comes from Bolivia? Buying our Colorado millet supports buying American.

Our millet is distributed by United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) to each of its 18 US warehouses. This efficiency brings our organic, gluten-free millet to you from a nearby distribution center. Our millet can be purchased by the bag or by the pound in the bulk food section of many local health food stores. We only ship our millet by semi-loads in 25 & 50 pound bags to maximize efficiency.

If you would like to help support American agriculture, consider buying certified organic millet from Golden Prairie Golden Prairie strives to purchase American-made equipment and farm supplies.

Organic millet farm

However, we do support international, agricultural farm families, but taking into consideration fuel consumption, safety, and the positive impact on American families, we encourage you to support American agriculture.

Farm equipment